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Instructions in a format available for saving and printing below:
Dashboard The start section, which opens first when you enter your own account. It shows sales data in the form of charts in terms of days/hours, and also contains information on open work shifts.
FormatPDF, 179kb Download
Sales This section contains information on items and their possible variations. Here you can create new items, edit existing ones, divide them into categories and groups.
FormatPDF, 382kb Download
Inventory This section contains information on stock balances, vendor's and inventory management (write-offs, movements, stocktakings).
FormatPDF, 483kb Download
Cash Flow Section contains functionality for managing financial transactions. Income/expenses, moving between accounts.
FormatPDF, 377kb Download
Customers and discounts This section serve as a customer base, where you collect and organize information to work more effectively with customers. Discounts, bonuses and promotions are created here to help ensure the loyalty of your customers.
FormatPDF, 286kb Download
Reports The section in the form of tables shows data in terms of sales by items, employees, shifts, receipts, categories and ingredients for easy analysis.
FormatPDF, 295kb Download
Synchronization of EFD Tutorial for synchronization of ECR, FP, operation with Unisoft program
FormatPDF, 741kb Download