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Developed taking into account the needs of owners of classic EFD and supplemented with convenient tools for business process automation.
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Have you been looking for a way to automate the routine processes for a long time? We have good news for you:
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Manage a business online
View sales analytics on your mobile or PC anytime, anywhere.
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Control of financial transactions
Keep track cashflow, revenue, and expense data.
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Effective inventory planning
Reduce the share of low-turnover goods and avoid shortages of best-selling items. The system implements tools that will help you with this.
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Staff work management
Accounting for working hours, sales by employees, access rights to confidential information - all this data is available in your online - office.
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Increase the number of satisfied customers
Take advantage of the loyalty system to get your customers to come back and recommend you to others.
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Outlet chain management
Scale your business and manage multiple points from one account.

Discover the convenience of working online through a personal account "in the cloud".

Web-Account is an online browser-based tool. With it, you can create reports, get a complete picture of your business and make the necessary settings.


Expand the possibilities of working with cash registers, fiscal printers, ESD, etc.

Exchange data between the Unisoft and the EFD, create a product catalog in the Web Account, and synchronize the data.


Launch the Unisoft mobile app and start selling more.

The installed Unisoft App at you any device and the fiscal receipt printer will facilitate fast customer service. The intuitive interface can be mastered in 5 minutes.

Easy to master Intuitive interface
Data security Reliable protection system
Fast implementation Start in 10 minutes
Unisoft POS is suitable for your business

A software solution that meets your needs, regardless of your retail industry, size, or target market.

Gain the loyalty of your guests with impeccable service from front office to back office. Unisoft combines the necessary functions for the management of the restaurant to create an exceptional experience for your customers.

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    • Access to reports and analytics
    • Team management
    • Inventory management tools
    • Vendor management
    • Loyalty program
    • Production program, product cards, ingredients inventory
    • Unisoft Mobile App (WINDOWS, IOS, ANDROID)
    • Uploading data from the EFD to the Web account
    • Uploading data from the Web account to the EFD
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