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Unisoft Web Account.

Web Account - a dashboard for setting up workflows and monitoring their implementation. Each of the menu sections is responsible for different business segments: goods and services, warehouse, staff, finance Try
  • Manage cash desk transactions
  • Send the necessary data to the Tax Revenue Authority (if required)
  • Export data to other ERP
  • Upload data in Excel format
  • Divide items into categories and groups
  • Manage stocks and conduct inventory
  • Track vendors management
  • Manage financial transactions
  • Distribute funds between your accounts
  • Reap the benefits of a loyalty system for your customers
  • Grant different access rights to employees to protect confidential information
  • View reports and analyze data for further decisions

Unisoft EFD

A tool that makes it easier to work with Electronic Fiscal Devices. Configured data exchange and convenient management of till receipts information between the EFD and Web Account. Integration with any ERP and Accounting SW has been implemented. Try
  • Create a range of items both on the cash register and in the web account
  • Exchange data between the EFD and the web account
  • Manage the item range
  • Generate a Z-report
  • Send data to the TRA
  • Get information and analyze your sales

Unisoft POS App

This is a mobile application that can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Play Market. The application could be installed on any mobile devices tablet or smartphone as a POS front end of Unisoft ERP. Try
  • Choose items and add them to the receipt on the screen, it’s extremely easy and convenient
  • Accept the delivery of the goods by entering the data on the goods on the screen of a PC or tablet
  • Sync data with web account